Rauh! Wild Line Organic Moose Dog Chews


Distributed exclusively by Pure Pet Group, Rauh! Wild Line Organic Moose Chews - Chips x 2.

These chews are made from the entire moose hide, including the best part – the upper layer.  These chews, obtained from wild animals, are particularly suited to dogs with sensitive tummies. These chews are very durable and delicious with a unique taste and appearance.

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The chew gets its taste from spruce, birch and wild grass. This purity is assured by the manufacturing technology and also by the fact that the chew is a genuinely natural product because the animal it comes from has not been interfered with by feeding by humans. Made using a traditional drying method, with no artificial additives whatsoever, the chews are healthy, tasty and durable, and completely non-allergenic.

Rauh! Wild Line moose chews are suitable for all breeds and for all ages

Approximate weights and dimensions

Chips 20g. L 150 mm. W 50 mm. Thickness 3 mm

Extra small 50g. L 140 mm. W 50mm. Thickness 20 mm

Small 110g. L 150 mm. W 60 mm. Thickness 50 mm

Medium 150g. L 250 mm. W 60 mm. Thickness 40 mm

Large 300g. L 400 mm. W 60 mm. Thickness 40 mm

Extra large 400g. L 600 mm. Width 60 mm Thickness 40 mm


Moose skin


Crude protein 87.7%
Crude fat 2.1%
Moisture 6.2%


Store cool and dry. 


Always monitor your dog chewing. Always provide fresh drinking water. Not intended for human consumption. Complementary feed for dogs.